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Announcement !!!!!! Please welcome ... ( officially )now our permanent front man the excellent Bill K

after waiting patiently as our stand in vocalist travelling all over Europe /UK helping us out after our dear friend John clutch Carruthers had to stand down due to health concerns ... Bill sometimes performed two sets one with us then his other band our dear friends Gang or performing one set with us in Belgium then driving straight to the UK to perform with them ????? That dedication led us to believe he is the right man for the job and I know a lot of you know him , and what a decent human being he is and of his love of rock and metal and performing .. & taking photos !!!!! So onto the next album .. which is already written and just needs Bilk to put his stamp on it .. we shall get it polished off in rehearsals , over in France and the UK then recording should start in next few months

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Welcome to the official Tysondog website, it's really great to know that people still listen to heavy metal.

The continued fascination with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal has little to do with the upper crust of bands who made it - but more an interest in those who came close, but just fell short of the mark. Strange but true. It’s the bands who released records, showed ability but never went on to find international fame who describe and colour the vast interest in the genre. And Tysondog certainly fit that mould. Back in 1984, many working at Kerrang! - including Geoff Barton, Dante Bonutto, Xavier Russell and myself (Malcolm Dome) - believed the ‘Dog could go on to achieve major stature. The fact they failed has nothing to do with lack of will or talent. Perhaps it was when Lady Luck copped a strop and took a hike.

The first proper line-up quickly landed a deal with local label Neat (based in Wallsend, the same town where Tysondog were based. having bumped into one of the company’s execs in a car park and given him a live tape, and recorded their first single, ‘Eat The Rich’, in mid -’83, with Hunter by now on vocals and guitar. However, before this was released the ‘Dog had expanded to a five-piece, adding Clutch Carruthers on vocals. He made his recording debut on on the B-side, ‘Dead Meat’ - showing he could roar with the best. Reeve quit... to become an actor. His replacement was one Ged Wolf, whose brother Eric Cook managed Venom. Still with us? The Venom connection is important...The new ‘Dog recorded their debut album, Beware Of The Dog, working with none other than Venom bassist/vocalist Cronos as producer (told you the connection was important); the latter had significant studio experience behind him, and was far from a publicity seeking choice. And for the most part, Beware... showcased a band with a real bite in their music. Today over 25 years after its release in 1982, it stands up remarkably well to scrutiny. Check out the blasting ’Hammerhead’, or the gnawing ‘Dog Soldiers’, or for that matter the feisty ‘Demon’. What they lack in subtlety - never a Tysondog trademark, anyway - is more than made up by the energy and enthusiasm that radiates from the music. Beware Of The Dog is an underrated album that many others would be proud to have recorded at the time. After many years retirement Tyson reformed, seeing Phil Brewis taking his seat on drums and Steve Morrison on guitar Tysondog powered their way back, 2015 was their release of album number 3 Cry Havoc. 2018 - due to bad health John Clutch Carruthers had to retire - in walked French vocalist laurent Bocquet , aka Bill Gang from French rockers Gang. Album number 4 awaits..


Tysondog has been NWOBHM band  since 1982.

Kev Wynn          Bass guitar

Paul Burdis         Lead guitar

Phil Brewis         Drums

Steve Morrison   Guitar

Bill.K                 Vocals

A special thanks goes out to Clutch, Alan, Ged and Rob, without you none of this would have possible, from the boys from the Dog, all the best !!


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